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2017 - This is still what it was.
Well, what you see here ist what you have seen back in the mid 2000s. This is just a recap of the old shrine. It is not working with nice modern mobile phones or other devices. Just dive into the nostalgia :)

9.16.2007 - The Rings of Fates website has opened!
The official homepage announced on friday that Square Enix now officialy hosts a Rings of Fates product homepage. It covers the characters and more, so you probably want to check it out!

07.13.2007 - E3 tidbits from IGN.
IGN has conducted a video with the director of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Rings of Fates. The most important aspects are shown here:

- The multiplayer elements have been completely redone. Since there was a lot of time pressure while developing the original game, and Nintendo insisted to have a GBA connectivity included, they were able to go completely new ways now.

- The story of the single player mode is much deeper now as well, it's a completely new story; just the world and the races are the same as in the original game.

- It is confirmed now that Rings of Fates is a prequel to the GameCube game.

- There has been an item trade system included, where players can exchange their items with other players (That would have been so useful in the original game!)

- Things that you equipped actually appear on the character.

06.26.2007 - The site keeps being updated.
No, I'm not talking about the FF:CC shrine here - it's the official teaser site that has been updated onced again. I'm actually a few days behind (yeah, I know that's aeons in the internet community). This time, the new trailer shows some aspects of (possible?) multiplayer gaming, having lots of similiarity to the old Crystal Chronicles. By the way, it's nice to hear the Final Fantasy victory fanfare at the end of the trailer.

There is a new scan available on the 'net, but right now I can't access neither of the pages that has put it online. I'll update this later on!

05.26.2007 - Now it's pouring out, it seems.
It's definitely good news that the developers of both new Final Fantasy CC games are finally publishing some of the news on their well-known official site. Since this is a Final Fantasy CC fan page, I sum the new infos up for you:

First of all, there's a new trailer to "Crystal Bearers" online (just click onto the link above). It doesn't seem at all to be like its GameCube predecessor. Especially with the focus on the "Final Fantasy" logo and the orchestral soundtrack, it looks more like a mixture of Grandia III, Final Fantasy 12 and Dawn of Mana to me.

Secondly, new infos about the background of "Rings of Fates" are online as well. Apparently, it seems to be a prequel to the original game, since the Kingdom you start your game is called "Rebena Te Na", which was a deserted ancient city in "Crystal Chronicles".

Jeux Fance has published an japanese scan about "Rings of Fates", click here to see it.

05.21.2007 - Wii-nfo.
Sadly, the official japanese site has not updated anything about the Wii game "Crystal Bearers", just as promised the other day on the official news page. However, as many sources, such as RPGamer report, there is a scan available with infos about the new game. Apparently, it's more action-focused than the previous parts (yeah, they can only refer to the GameCube title). On top of that, it's said to be single player exclusive. What a drag, that was the real magic behind the original game.

Well, anyway, there's a new trailer covering the DS game online at the official page. You ought to check it out, if you're interested. Be aware that this trailer doesn't load automatically just like the previous trailers did, you first have to click it.

05.13.2007 - All about the crystal future.
The future of Final Fantasy's Crystal Chronicles branch is getting clearer. Around the time of the Square Enix Party 2007, various tidbits of Information popped out, giving us fellow Crystal Chronicles fans some impressions where the series is headed.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fates

DS screenshotThere is plenty of information available about the upcoming DS game. The game is scheduled to be released on August 23th, 2007 in Japan - no western release has been announced though.

"Rings of Fates" is much more of a classical action RPG than it's innovative predecessor was. You start with two story-bound characters (instead of creating your own ones), the cut-scenes have been dubbed and there's no miasma circle anymore, no carrying any chalice either.

According to IGN's hands on preview, the game has one very innovative feature: Pressing the R button will swap upper and lower screens. Usually, all the action happens on the upper screen, but with the R button, the screens will swap. This allows you to perform special attacks. I try to get my hands onto the japanese version of FFCC: RoF as soon as it's out to provide you with more information.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Since the E3 2006, where the game was initially announced as being a start game on Nintendo's new Wii console, information about the game (and its release date) have become rare. According to the official page, more informations and pictures will be updated in the next few days.

09.08.2006 - Even more complete.
Over a year has passed since the last update, and the only thing I did on the shrine was to manage the Database. Anyway, the page now gives you a full package of what you need as a FF:CC fan - gallery, wallpapers, a review, background information... it's all there now.

06.16.2005 - First complete version
Phew, that took some time, sorry. But now, the FFCC-Shrine - now named "Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Cultures" - is a complete website with an acceptable amount of stuff. Hope you enjoy your visit here!

12.31.2004 - Shrine opened
Um, okay... right now, the shrine is REALLY small, but hey - the database has already been finished. So since it's operational, I thought opening the Shrine might be not too bad.